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The Issue

Firefox ships with HTTP pipelining disabled by default. No pipelining means each request has to be answered and its connection freed up before the next request can be sent. This adds average extra time to the user divided by the number of connections allowed. Even worse if your server has HTTP keep-alive connection disabled, doubling this latency.

What Is Pipelining?

Pipelining is an experimental feature, designed to improve page-load performance, that is unfortunately not well supported by some web servers and proxies. But this will boost for sure your page loading especially if you have a broadband Internet connection.(ADSL, DSL, Wi-Fi, WLAN, LAN)

How to apply?

Enable Pipelining, set the following preferences:

  • Start your Firefox
  • Type "about:config" in the browser address line
  • Type "network.http" in the filter line
  • Change the setting below by a left mouse button click on the values
    • network.http.pipelining - Set to true, to enable pipelining.
    • network.http.proxy.pipelining - Set to true, to enable pipelining to the proxy server.
    • network.http.pipelining.maxrequest - Set to 8, to have a maximum of 8 pipelining requests at once. Possible values are from 1 to 8.

That is it! Enjoy the speed.

Note! If you have got a slow Internet connection, your browser may have problems with the new settings. In this case just roll back the old settings.

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