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After so many years in the business I did need a place where to put online some of my projects. I tried to keep them simple and user friendly as much as possible. That's why they may look like ordinary web sites but they are not. They are entire and platform independent web applications on both client and server sides

Under the cover the applications I create, have applied the latest programming languages and technologies: Java, J2SE, J2EE, Java Servlets, Java Applets, JSP, SQL, JavaScripts, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, AJAX, DWR, Spring ...

Java Applets

I started to write Java Applets in "Middle Ages" when Java (Java 1.0) had only the ugly looking AWT for Graphic User Interface. This forced me to create my own GUI libraries (years before Swing). I did rewrite the look of some visual components and created few new ones from the scrach, pixel by pixel. In this section you can see the result. (Java enabled browsers)

In the meantime many developers did continue to complain about "the ugly looking AWT", just to confirm my motto: "Who wants, will find a way! Who doesn't, will find a reason!"

My Photo Galleries

I like to travel around the world and to take tons of photos. Take a virtual tour around Cyprus, Egypt, Bulgaria, Greece, Syria, Lebanon and Israel at www.pacography.com

"Look Ma, No Tables..."

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In brief: The bug is in the browser, not in this pages. Update your browser! Install a better one. At least it is free.

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